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marți, 25 octombrie 2016

The man who left without crutches from the relics of Saint Dimitrie

 Father Iustin Bulimar who has been serving at the Patriarchal Cathedral since 1989 tells about the wonderful things which had happened in the life of the Christians praying on the Relics of the Saint:
"In 1989 after the service of the Saint Maslu, a believer who I had seen several times attending this service and the other services of the Church always remained last to make the sign of the cross. And in one of the days doing the same he climbed to the shrine with the Holy Relics, put his crutches down as usual and the wonder had occurred: he rose up, made the sign of the cross, went down the stairs slow, and did not notice at the moment that he in fact had forgotten his crutches and it was not until he climbed down Dealul Patriarhiei that he became aware of the miracle which had happened. He came back weeping and thanking with tears in his eyes to God and Saint Dimitrie by telling his story to the priest from that time - he was a special archimandrite, a faithful priest, loved by the believers, father Grichentie who stepped down after the Revolution and went to the monastery Secu and he was very impressed although the had seen other miracles which had happened at the shrine of Saint Dimirie the New."

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