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sâmbătă, 15 octombrie 2016

The miracle experienced by famous singer Mariza

The famous portuguesse singer Mariza, 42, the new queen of the fado music genre has a golden voice. She has a lot of faith and praises God by thanking him for every day and and every night that He had given her.
She became so faithful after the birth of her son, after the promise hat she had made to the holy Lady
of Fátima. She said: "After the premature birth of my son, Martim, I was having a very difficult situation. My son had a pulmonary issue and if he had not gotten better, the doctors said they would have plugged off the machines which were helping him breathe. I asked my mother for help and she said we should go to Fátima". A week after she made a promise to the holy Lady of Fátima and after all the prayers the baby recovered as a miracle altough the doctors did not give him any chance. She took him home with an O2 supply and after an year he made a full recovery. Mariza is married with
António Ferreira and little  Martim was born on the 6 of june 2011. She sold 1 000 000 records in the entire world.

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