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miercuri, 21 decembrie 2011

Jesus Christ, the miracle that changed the world

    On December 25, Christians around the world will gather to celebrate Jesus’ birth thought to have occurred between 7 and 2 BC (beforeChrist). 

   On this occasion, we present a special book entitled "Il libro di Gesu Segreto" (The secret book of Jesus),
written by Simone Venturini, who works in the Vatican Secret Archives. The author becomes a detective of Bible and provides us data that have never been told about Jesus Christ, who changed the world. He offers for the first time to the public a set of data known only among specialists. Venturini proves the authenticity of the Gospels with the aid of ancient papyruses - including the famous 7Q5 - and archaeological discoveries that prove the historicity of the prophecies of Jesus. The author proves that the story of Jesus Christ continues beyond the grave and especially after the Resurrection. He proves also that after the Resurrection of Jesus humanity has entered in a deep and fruitful relationship with another world, a world of God. The author attempts to shed light on a subject which concern everyone: what might happen immediately after death. Venturini reveal what happened in the days following the death of Jesus and the moments which follow after our death

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