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vineri, 7 octombrie 2016

The live rocks from Costești, Vâlcea are an important tourist attraction for the whole world

   This is proven by the interest which more foreign magazines have taken on them. The strange rocks which are growing and getting moree when in contact with water are a real mystery for the scientists.
   These rocks which are called trovanți have indeed unusual features and are protected by UNESCO.

They alter their size and move without the help of humans. The phnomenon is not new. Since 2004 there is a museum dedicated to these rocks. It is a open-air museum which lets them develop as they whish. The rocks seem taken from the imagination of a science-fiction writer. If they are cut through one can notice spherical rings like the ones seen in trees. When in contact with water the trovants alter themselves, expand and retake their round form. When they fall down on the ground they tend to grow naturally. Tourists from the whole world are interested to come and see them and they would deserve that the authorities promote them more and include them in the international touristic circuits.

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