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sâmbătă, 8 octombrie 2016

Who is the first romanian ever to go by train

    In 1831 after just a year since the first railroad became functional on the route Manchester-Liverpool, Petrache Poenaru went to Liverpool by train. He was the first romanian ever to go by train in history.

   Poenaru described the new means of public transport as "twenty carriages tied to each other loaded with 240 people, pulled by a single steam machine". As it is known, Petrache Poenaru invented the pen. He received the patent for this amazing invention in France 25 may 1827. The inventor was born on 10 January 1799 in Benești, Vâlcea. Member of the Romanian Academy, he was a teacher, matematician, engineer and inventor, He was part of the guard of Tudor Vladimirescu participating in the revolution from 1821 and later was a close person of Alexandru Ioan Cuza. It is said that he also was a member of a mason union.

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