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marți, 18 octombrie 2016

Where are the seven miraculous spring wells?

   In Bucegi in Cheile Zanoaga, more precisely between lake Bolboci and Scropoasa there are seven spring wells whose water amaze researchers from the whole world. These have their water source in a undergound cave at the hight of 1300 meters. They have a discharge of 400 liters per second when
theyrush out at the sourface.
  The peticular features of the water which is the purest on the planet have been analyzed since the 30s, according to The website claims that there is the theory that the water crosses through a magnetic field which orders its molecular structure in the most ideal way. The scientists claim they it is the purest water and the most energizing because it crosses a silver reservoir which keep bacterias from developing, according to which mentions that now the region is closed.

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