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luni, 7 noiembrie 2016

Come to Bucharest for a great show at the National Theater, "Soldier girl"

  Sunday on the 5th of November was the premiere of the show "Soldier girl". It depicts a story for all ages having the common smell of childhood. The world seen through the eyes of a 9 year old girl is full of innocence and unpredictable as a serious game of life and death. It's an one woman show out

of the ordinary in two performances ( Silvana Mihai and Cristina Juncu ) - strong, sensible, up-to-date as message and approach where the psichological realism can reach the deepness of the abis. It's a show which given the gentleness of innocence raises needed questions about life, death, society, education and tolerance.
Silvia Roman
Bianca Veșteman and Sabina Veșteman
Scenography assistent:
Grigore Pușcariu
Original music:
Bogdan Balea
Sound design:
Bogdan Balea
Adi Bulboacă
Daniel Octavian Nae
Cristian Ciopată

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