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vineri, 20 decembrie 2013

Neuschwanstein, a castle inspired by Walt Disney

   Neuschwanstein, in translation New Swan Stone, a fairytale castle, a miracle! It was built in the nineteenth century, a neo-medieval style bulding built by themysterious King Ludwig II of Bavaria near Füssen, Allgäu region.

   It is the most famous castle in Germany , and his reputation exceeded the borders especially after Walt
Disney chose it as a model for Sleeping Beauty Castle . And, indeed, what other castle could be imagined for a fairy princess? Disney fell in love with Neuschwanstein when he visited the castle shortly after the end of World War II.

   The famous cartoonist was in a european journey with a team of architects in search of a model for the castle that was to be raised to Disneyland in California . Everyone was fascinated whith the "Swan King" Castle, which would appear almost identical in the first sketches of Herbert Ryman for the first amusement park which was opened in 1955. The refuge of Ludwig II, a kingwhose soul and life, but especially the end, there will never be known, became one of the most beautiful attraction in the world for tourists.

   For me,Neuschwanstein is the most beautiful castle on Earth. The whole world loves this castle, it is proved by the 1.3 million people which visit this castle each year.In the summer, about 6,000 people a day flock to his splendid rooms designed but for one man.

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